Electronic Signature

Request A QuotePJ&A understand that physicians’ time is precious and often scarce.  With this in mind, PJ&A offers a streamlined electronic signature option within PJ&As internet-based platform GEMS, allowing physicians to electronically sign their documents without the extra hassle of manually printing and hand-signing each document individually. Whether physicians are in the office or in the comfort of their own home, with a few simple key strokes, physicians will be in, out, and on their way to taking care of what is really important: their patients.

E-Signature Benefits:

  • Browser based physician access with intuitive editing and signing
  • Transcription review for single physician or all transcripts in a physician’s group
  • Security features include additional PIN number, encryption, and version storage
  • Dual signature options for Attendings and Residents
  • Addendum feature to link addendum after original transcript is signed
  • Preliminary copy option to distribute preliminaries before signature