A Full Suite of HIM Services

Request A QuoteIn collaboration with our Medical Transcription Servcies and Medical Coding Services, a large part of the PJ&A vision is in easing the process of managing Electronic Health Records (EHRs). PJ&A is able to create electronic copies of patient files that greatly decreases the amount of not only man hours, but also wasted energy spent obtaining documents from outside your hospital.

Within our proprietary EMR system GEMS, each piece of patient data is categorized into definable search fields such as work type, date of service, and dictating physician, among many more options.

Being able to narrow your search from tens of thousands of patient records, while still having them available at your fingertips from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, will modernize and streamline your facility’s operations.

GEMS Application


The GEMS search page allows you to search for reports or patients using a multitude of options and data. Click for a larger image.