Medical Coding Services

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Quality and Accuracy Guaranteed

PJ&A’s team of experienced and knowledgeable coding specialists provide accurate and effective medical coding services. PJ&A’s coders are RHIA, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P, CCA, CPC and/or CPC-H certified with a minimum of five years’ experience. Our expert coders understand the need for accurate coding and diligently follow CMS guidelines and regional regulations. Each member of our team is trained to interpret the most intricate patient chart details to ensure proper coding each and every time.

Each member of our Coding Team is required to display and develop an advanced understanding of DRGs (Diagnosis-related groups), to facilitate an accurate reimbursement from our coding services.

PJ&A will provide an aggressive auditing process to ensure quality measures are efficiently and effectively being met. On-going Coder training and continued education requirements are also met throughout the year to provide the highest level of coding services.

Strict Adherence Above and Beyond HIPAA

PJ&A takes extensive measures to meet all HIPAA regulations and have firm compliance procedures in place while maintaining industry leading turnaround times.

PJ&A is committed to information security and has strict policies and procedures in place and utilizes state of the art technology to ensure security is held at the highest caliber. In order to maintain this strict level of HIPAA compliancy, PJ&A has implemented, and maintains a variety of controls, policies and procedures to comply with all aspects of HIPAA. The PJ&A platform enables HIPAA compliance through advanced technology for the accessibility of patient data. PJ&A secures all PHI, Protected Health Information, of all patient records with controls in place for the following:

  • Electronic Access By User And Password
  • Audit Trails Of All Record Actions
  • Encryption Of All Information