Quality Policy

Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc. aims to be the best in the health information technology solutions industry. To achieve this goal, we offer quality and turnaround schedules that match the top companies in the industry. PJ&A understands and is willing to customize our services to better serve our clients needs. To achieve this high level of accuracy we review all work using this six point measure:

  • Reports have all essential components, required and relevant information.
  • Reports are consistent both  within themselves and externally, should the patient record be made available for PJ&A. Discrepancies are flagged for the dictator’s review.
  • Reports have the proper structure, format, content, spelling and grammar.
  • Reports accurately reflect the meaning intended by the dictator, yet may be interpreted and edited in accordance with the particular client requirements.
  • The patients’ right to confidentiality is strictly guarded.
  • Reports are timely in their completion and submission.

The entire team at PJ&A adheres to the spirit of the firm’s quality policy as well as the directives of the Quality Manual and its’ subordinate documents.

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