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About Us

Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc., has been providing hospitals and healthcare systems telemedicine services for nearly 10 years.  Our commitment to technology and process improvements will put your facility at the forefront of our industry.


  • 24/7 radiologist coverage nationwide
  • All radiologists are certified and insured
  • Shared resource cost savings
  • Faster patient care
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Standard Response Times:

  • Standard exams: 2 hours
  • Stat exams: 30 minutes
  • Critical care exams: 30 minutes

Telemedicine and teleradiology services are becoming more crucial to improve patient care. Hospitals and clinics can’t always afford full-time radiologists, and with PJ&A telemedicine services, you don’t have to.

List of critical exams:

Critical Exams: Findings/results in imaging exams that require immediate or urgent communication with the provider. These findings reflect conditions that are life threatening (e.g. tension pneumothorax) or conditions that require immediate change of management (e.g. retained surgical objects). A few of these conditions are selected for auditing and tracking purpose (listed below). This list does not represent all the urgent communications that our radiologists complete daily. The radiologists are reminded to communicate any urgent conditions, outside of this list, that may alter care.

Critical Results Exam Modality
Retained Surgical Foreign Body CT, X-Ray
Cord Compression MR
Acute aortic dissection or injury CT
Acute aortic aneurysm rupture CT
Active intra-abdominal hemorrhage CT
Large and/or Central Pulmonary Embolism CT
Unexpected free air in the abdomen CT, X-Ray
Tension Pneumothorax CT, X-Ray
Ectopic pregnancy U/S
Testicular/Ovarian Torsion U/S


Quality measures for Radiologists:

  • American College of Radiology Peer Review Process.
  • Dual review of studies.
  • Tracking of all errors.
  • Discrepancy notifications to all radiologists of their errors.
  • Monthly QA audit with statistics.
  • Periodic QA conferences with radiologists.
  • Disclosure of QA data to clients